Funny Photo's That Actually Made It On The MLS.

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I can't stress this enough: First impressions are important, especially when it comes to real estate. And terrible real estate photos can certainly give a negative first impression. Agents at the top of their marketing game have it down to a science—hiring professional photographers, furniture stagers, and image retouchers, and maybe even buying flowers as a pop of color and a finishing touch. Of course, not all budgets can accommodate these expenses, and many agents take on the task of staging on a shoestring budget. And while most understand the basic principles of photographing a listing—making the property look attractive to potential buyers—the memo was missed by a precious few who either took a certain creative license over their listings or just couldn't be bothered. In some cases, a simple crop could make a world of difference, or, you know, removing the possessed clown sculpture in the corner or the floating body in the pool, but other shots are just full-blown disasters from the get-go. Although a quick clean-up or change in perspective would have boosted the quality of the following images from abominably bad to acceptable, I'm thankful for the treasure trove of terrible real estate photos I have collected over the years. But why some of these shots weren't simply left out of the listing, we'll just never know. Maybe you shouldn't hire your Mom's friends daughters-neighbor, just because they seemed nice at that event last year.  


Decorating 101: DON’T have a picture of yourself directly above your bed that looks like it’s reaching down to murder you every night.



Honey...I'm Home!



Enough Said.


State of the art kitchen to accommodate fast metabolisms. 

toilet in kitchen

Completely furnished.


Therapy will be required.  

kids hunting trophy

You didn't notice?


Now that's a deal.




No Comment!!!


I think they want you to wash your own dishes!

wash your own dishes

Yeah... The one on the right.


Why Not?


Now that's prepared.


Green Space


I'll take door #3, please. 


Oh... that's where I left it?


It gets a little bright with the sun-colored walls!